Zojirushi Coffee Maker Video

A ZOJIRUSHI COFFEE MAKER can be great for brewing coffee and keep it fresh for the next few hours.

Many coffee makers can brew a decent cup of coffee, but the big question is how long will that coffee stay fresh. This is where the Zojirushi coffee maker excels. It has a unique carafe that keeps coffee fresh for several hours. The brewed coffee goes directly into a thermal pot. This keeps the coffee at at perfect warm temperature without overcooking it.

This Zojirushi coffee maker features a 1.5 liter thermal carafe constructed of stainless steel. It has an electric clock/timer with a preset function and an auto shutoff function. It also comes with a unique brew-and-serve lid design and an easy-to-read water gauge.

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Zojirushi Coffee Maker

The word “Coffee” brings in a sense of freshness and its aroma fills the surrounding air. For many of us the day starts with coffee and ends with this energising drink. Such people are on a constant look out for a good coffee maker. However, the competition in such consumer durable appliance is fierce, you will find the market cluttered with number of brands of coffee makers with different features, price, colour, design etc. The choices are infinite and thus it becomes difficult to choose the best for yourself.

However, Zojirushi coffee maker is one such brand that satisfies your desire to a great extent. This is a Japan based brand and is mainly into making home use appliances, you may not have heard much about this brand but whosoever has purchased their coffee makers have become loyal to this brand. So, they have a decent number of brand loyal customers with them.

Zojirushi manufactures two different types of coffee makers one which is a regular one know as Zutto coffee maker or EC-DAC 50, this comes with a removable water jar and filter. The capacity of this maker is up to 5 cups. It comes in silver colour and also has a keep warm feature. The other and the more popular one is EC-BD 15. This model stands out and has an edge over its counterparts which are available in the market. Let us talk in details about this model.

While going for a coffee making machine you should consider brewing capacity, easy to use features, portability, durability and overall performance. Look for a feature that you would have always wanted your coffee machine to have and then go for buying the product. A good coffee depends on the beans quality and its freshness, the temperature at which it is brewed and the way the beans are grinded. Basic feature of a coffee machine is to brew the coffee well which the general machines available in the market can do well. However, not many machines keep your already made coffee fresh and hot for hours.

This is the area where EC-BD 15 by Zojirushi scores over others. This machine comes with a thermal carafe where the coffee is brewed in the insulated jar this does not let the coffee get cold while brewing or even after the process. As such you can treat yourself to a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee any time you want without the fear of your coffee getting cold. As the coffee remains in the thermal jar there is no concern of it getting overheated as happens in other coffee makers where the coffee is heated on a burner which turns the coffee bitter. This product is also helpful in heating the water to the apt temperature for brewing; the taste of this drink depends a lot on the brewing water temperature as overheated water can lend bitter taste to the cuppa.

Over and above the afore mentioned special features of this machine it also has some other additional easy to use features which makes it a must buy, these are – pause to serve button, LCD display where time can be easily set, high capacity of up to 10 cups and auto shut off. This drip coffee maker is priced at around 80$ although it may seem a little on the higher side but it is definitely a value for your money. The product can serve you for a considerable period of time if handled with care and thus you will not regret paying a little extra for this addictive product rather than going for cheap coffee makers which does not even last for a year.

Think of coffee and the desire to have a perfect cup of blended and brewed coffee starts meandering in our mind, the thought can crop up at any time of the day and not always will we get the corner coffee shop open for us, so to satisfy this desire at any hour ZOJIRUSHI COFFEE MAKER is the best option.


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Zojirushi Tuff Slim Thermos – Unbreakable Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

Zojirushi’s Tuff Slim is almost everything you’d want in a Thermos-style beverage container.
It is made from stainless steel, great at retaining heat, unbreakable and easy to use.

Zojirushi Thermos

Zojirushi Tuff Slim Thermos

Here are some features of the Zojirushi’s Tuff Slim Thermos :

  • It’s unbreakable and its exterior is stainless steel.
  • It’s easy to use and carry.
  • It’s remarkably lightweight.
  • It retains heat well. I tested it and four other Thermos-style containers with boiling water. After eight hours, the water in the Zojirushi Tuff Slim was still very hot. After 12 hours, it was still hot. After 24 hours, it was still warm. The Tuff Slim outperformed all the other containers I tested.
  • It comes with its own cup.
  • It has a neutral, modern style that suits a range of lifestyles and aesthetics.
  • Its mouth is wide enough to fit full-sizes ice cubes inside.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.

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Zojirushi Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

What is life without the newly brewed cup of coffee in the morning to begin your day? It’s like a small piece of nirvana. If you love your cup of coffee then in all probability you must have learnt about the Zojirushi coffee maker too. It’s in every sense of the word a fuming hot revolution in itself. Superiority has been the driving force of Zojirushi brand wares for more than eighty years now. Zojirushi coffee maker has been acclaimed by its possessors for its vivid quality of maintaining spirits of several coffee beans.

This product testifies its promise of excellence in distinction and effectiveness whereas the claims of other brand names fall flat. Zojirushi thermal carafe has been proven by the Wall Street journal and it was ensured to be optimum at sustaining coffee hot and fresh-tasting .Users said that it was easy to clean, relatively silent and cute too. Zojirushi as a company had launched its first glass -lined void bottle about more than half a century ago and it still passes the challenge in forbidding heat loss of the liquid or food in their container .In essence Zojirushi coffee maker keeps the coffee fresher for a longer time than any other brand.

According to the user findings Zojirushi coffee maker has ostensibly bigger capacity in comparison with the other competing coffee makers. Many producers view 1.5 liters to be 12 cups but not Zojirushi. Its 1.5 liters is 10 cups. Besides large content Zojirushi coffee maker also provides unbreakable decanter, auto-shut-off, pause-and-serve and programmable timekeepers too. Zojirushi drip coffee maker has several unparalleled characteristics like touched stainless steel coat that conceals fingerprints and only Zojirushi thermal carafe has a double wall stainless steel vacuum isolated thermal decanter which sustains coffee fresh for hours without reheating (that burns the coffee as in the instance of glass decanter).

If one probes the consumer reports then Zojirushi is not rated at the top of coffee makers but it is best worthy product lower than $100. Zojirushi drip coffee maker is the optimum selection in low-priced coffee makers. It is fully programmable so your coffee is accessible in morning waiting for you. Other coffee makers remove the precious flavour of coffee by overheating it but Zojirushi preserves it. The automatic shut-off of coffee maker vouches that coffee stays good and hot as if it was just brewed. Even the substitute components of this coffee maker are easily purchasable and rather low-priced to find in the market.

Coffee lovers around the world know what delight it is to have an extremely well fashioned, smooth, elegant and functional coffee maker. The ZOJIRUSHI COFFEE MAKER is complete not only because it brews delectable coffee with better descent but its brewing through the lid of the carafe helps keep the coffee hot and eliminates the need of switching lids.


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What makes a Zojirushi coffeemaker so good?

ZOJIRUSHI COFFEE MAKERs are a relatively small company by today’s standards. They are a company known for quality kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, bread makers and vacuum pots. A company originally formed in Osaka, Japan way back in 1918 – they have gone on to become a multinational manufacturer owning subsidiary companies in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and America.

So what makes a Zojirushi coffeemaker so good? They are after all a company known for making rice cookers… While this may be true, Zojirushi are also a company who have become very well known for designing functional, timeless appliances with out too many bells and whistles. In today’s market, it seems you can buy a coffee brewer in 20 different sizes and a dozen different colors. Zojirushi on the other hand have held true to there ‘minimalist approach.’

In the Zojirushi range of machines, they have only bought out two models. One is a 10-cup stainless steel coffee maker with thermal carafe. The other is a much smaller 5-cup coffee brewer. Both of these Zojirushi coffee brewers have been rated by many people as their “best thermal coffee maker” or “best drip coffee maker”.

The 10-cup thermal coffee maker model is a very classy looking brewer. Both the thermal carafe and the brewing basket are covered in a brushed stainless steel that just look fantastic. This covering around the brewing basket also acts as insulation, so when you are brewing fresh hot coffee into your thermal carafe, it doesn’t go cold during the brewing process. Despite not having a warming element, this coffee maker with thermal carafe is able to keep your coffee hot for several hours. A tip is to add warm water to the water reservoir, not ice cold water. This will keep the temperature up a touch.

If you are after a smaller coffee brewer for the office, dorm room or holiday house – The Zojirushi 5-cup coffee brewer could be right up your alley. It weighs just 3 1/2 lb. and has a tiny footprint measuring only 6 x 8 7/8 x 10 5/8 inches. It has a very sleek look to it, and comes in a versatile silvery gray color.

So whatever your coffee needs, the Zojirushi coffee brewers range has pretty much covered the main bases. A clean and simple timeless design with practical features have made these machines very popular in the coffee machine reviews and ratings.


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Zojirushi Zutto 5 Cup Coffee Maker

In Japanese, Zutto means “always”. The Zojirushi Zutto line features a perfect marriage of form and funcion that will always be in style. The Zutto design philosophy is to only include the functions that are necessary to ensure ease of use without sacrificing high quality.

Zutto Coffee Makers have an automatic keep warm function and a single charcoal filter will last up to 2 years. If you like to “keep it simple”, this is the coffee maker for you!


  • Capacity: 5 cups/1.6 literss
  • Power: 120V, 650 watts
  • Weight 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8 7/8 x 6 x 10 5/8 inches
  • Color: Silver
Zojirushi Zutto 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Zojirushi Zutto 5 Cup Coffee Maker

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Zojirushi Coffee Maker Review

Zojirushi coffee maker is still best at what the brand stands for -keeping stuff hot! Since Zojirushi started more than 80 years ago with the launch of its first glass-lined vacuum bottle, they are known for this competitive advantage, maintaining the temperature of the liquid or food in their container

And this proves to be a strong appeal to coffee lovers where cold coffee means bad coffee -noting that brewed coffee only remains fresh for minutes. Zojirushi by virtue of its technology is able to keep the cuppa fresh for a few more minutes and is has awed the consumers.

Wall street journal did a test with 30 plus coffee makers and using Zojirushi EC-BD15BA as a participant in the test, consumers ranked it higher than most thermal carafe coffee makers.


Zojirushi coffee maker


Hot and cold problems have plagued drip coffee makers ever since this invention comes into place.
Of course, if the temperature is not well maintained, cold coffee would taste stale and undrinkable. Too hot, and it would burnt the coffee and gives you a bitter tasting coffee.

It is these problems that have consumers awarding high points just for ZOJIRUSHI COFFEE MAKER‘s ability to keep the coffee hot (and not burnt the coffee).


A machine that is very good for keeping your coffee hot for maximum freshness. 


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Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Zojirushi’s EC-BD15BA 1.5 Liter Fresh Brew Coffee Maker with Vacuum Stainless Steel Carafe is gorgeous and functional and will look spectacular on your countertop. It has many wonderful features.

Product Features

* Stylish automatic coffee brewer with 1.5-liter thermal carafe
* Stainless-steel carafe keeps coffee hot for hours
* 1025 watts; electronic clock/timer with preset function; auto shut-off for safety
* Clever brew-and-serve lid design; easy-to-read water gauge
* Measures 15 by 12 by 9 inches; 1-year warranty

Lots of folks dislike the burnt flavor that coffee gets when it sits in a glass pot over a heating element. To avoid this, coffee shops often brew right into large thermal pots to keep the coffee warm without it becoming overcooked. The Zojirushi Fresh Brew does that, too, but in home-sized batches. It looks great, too, with a glossy black body and stainless steel carafe and brew basket.

To brew, lift the lid and swing the water outlet spout to one side while the filter is being loaded; the spout will return to its proper position when the lid is closed. A small red ball in the water gauge makes it extra simple to read. And an electronic clock module also serves as a timer that will start the brewer at a specified time. The carafe’s lid is designed to be on during brewing, with a small cap to help keep the heat in after it’s ready. The Fresh Brew also has a pause-and-serve function that stops the flow for 30 seconds while a cup of coffee is served.

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Zojirushi Portable Vacuum Thermos and Flask

High Quality Thermal Vacuum Bottle for Hot or Cold Beverages. Non-Stick interior for easy cleaning. Wide Mouth for ice cube. Keep temperature insulated longer. Super Light and Compact, Ultra Portable. Ideal for picnic, office, trekking.

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